Cast Iron Range


  Continuous Cast Iron

Type Grades stocked: Formerly: Formerly: Formerly:
Flake EN-GJL 250 Grade 250 GG25 Grade 17
Flake EN 1561-GJL-350 Grade 350 GA350 Meehanite GA
SNG EN 1563-GJS-400/15 Grade 420/12 GGG40
SNG EN GJS-500/7 Grade 500/7 GGG50
SNG EN 1563-GJS-600/3 Grade 600/3 GGG60
SNG EN 1563-GJS-700/2 Grade 700/2 GGG70  


25mm dia 90mm dia 180mm dia 310mm dia
30mm dia 95mm dia 190mm dia 320mm dia
35mm dia 100mm dia 200mm dia 330mm dia
40mm dia 105mm dia 210mm dia 340mm dia
45mm dia 110mm dia 220mm dia 350mm dia
50mm dia 115mm dia 230mm dia 360mm dia
55mm dia 120mm dia 240mm dia 370mm dia
60mm dia 125mm dia 250mm dia 380mm dia
65mm dia 130mm dia 260mm dia 390mm dia
70mm dia 140mm dia 270mm dia 400mm dia
75mm dia 150mm dia 280mm dia 420mm dia
80mm dia 160mm dia 290mm dia 440mm dia
85mm dia 170mm dia 300mm dia 450mm dia







We can also source direct from the manufacturer up to 550mm dia in round and proof machined bars.


40mm x 25mm to 320mm x 80mm


30mm to 410mm


We offer a full sawing and cutting facility, supplying industries such as:

 Automotive, Power Transmission, Glass, Nuclear, Pump, Electro Mechanical and General Engineering.


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